Peter Blinov

Frontend Engineer Philippines, Manila Avatar


A frontend engineer crafting web interfaces with Vue, React, Next, Nuxt, Svelte and Astro. Currently exploring SolidJS and Qwik. Always TypeScript, can't code without types. Webdev isn't just my profession, it is my hobby as well.

If you are a team of creative professionals I would be happy to join.

Work Experience

IBRAE, lab. 13

· Frontend Engineer
Moscow Feb 2018 - Jul 2021

The lab worked on MOUSE project, which wraps some math stuff with a Flask server and provides a VueJS client full of high-freq visualization and interactivity.

  • introduced UI library to speed up development process
  • integrated one-click-away "user feedback" feature to speed up feedback loop
  • designed on-boarding feature helping end users to get started
  • successfully launched a bootcamp


· Senior frontend developer
Moscow Jul 2021 - Present

Our team's been working on a news reader application. An app with lots of features like custom feeds, filters, full text search, and optimizations for speed so that news are delivered to the client as fast as possible.

  • stack: TypeScript, Vite, Vue 3, Pinia
  • introduced OpenAPI codegen technique allowing for type-safe communication between backend and frontend engineers
  • worked close with the backend team to improve authentication security
  • pushed semantic release workflow to make release process easier for the team
  • leading the frontend team
  • code review



TypeScript, JavaScript, Vite, Webpack, Bun, React, NextJS, Vue, Nuxt, Svelte, Remix, Astro, Prisma, Pinia, React Query, Lit, PostCSS, Sass, HTML, JSX, CSS, CSS in JS, Tailwind CSS, PostCSS, ESLint, Prettier
Open mind, Creativity, Attention to detail
Russian (Native speaker), English (B1)


Frontend frameworks
Built with Vue 3 and Typescript on top of GitHub GraphQL API
Wiki Graph
Built with Svelte and TypeScript on top of Wikipedia API
Made with Astro