Peter Blinov

Frontend Engineer Philippines, Manila Avatar


A frontend engineer with a background in physics. I found my passion for webdev in wrapping ambitious ideas with captivating interfaces. Most of the time I work with Vue, but I'm open to any bold stuff like Lit / Elm / Svelte / Solid / Nuxt / Qwik / Rust+Yew / etc.

I also love type safety, so TypeScript / ReScript is highly appreciated.

If you have a team of passionate nerds I would be happy to be a part of it.

Work Experience

IBRAE, lab. 13

· Frontend Engineer
Moscow Feb 2018 - Jul 2021

The lab worked on MOUSE project, which wraps some math stuff with a Flask server and provides a VueJS client full of high-freq visualization and interactivity.

  • worked on UX/UI-design
  • integrated Bootstrap 4, FontAwesome 4.7
  • wrote documentation with Sphinx/reST
  • successfully deployed for an offline bootcamp


· Senior frontend developer
Moscow Jul 2021 - Present

Our team's been working on a news client. An app where every single bit of data can be filtered on the server and should be delivered to the client as fast as possible.

  • stack TypeScript / Vite / Vue 3 / Pinia
  • made tech decisions on front domain
  • generated type-safe API client from OpenAPI Spec
  • discussing things with other teams backend/devops
  • leading the front team
  • code review



TypeScript, JavaScript, Vite, Vue 3, Pinia, HTML, CSS, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Sass, Pug, Lit, Svelte
Highly organized, Creativity, Attention to detail
Linux, Git, VS Code, RegExp, Python
Russian (Native speaker), English (B2)


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